Collaborating partners & sources of inspiration

There are a number of people and organisations that have inspired us and made an impact on our work. We have a continuous collaboration with some of the people and organisations and others a truly inspirational.


collaborating partners

Anna Bergström – ceramicist, artist, medium and healer.

Anna leads open meditations and holds solstice ceremonies. Her pottery can be seen and used in all of our houses.

Av Jord, Milis Ivarsson – Family business that has been around for 35 years, that develops egg oil tempra by using pigment from the earth.

Milis has been developing the colour scheme for the interior of our houses, which is painted with her egg oil tempra. She has also been providing us with architectural solutions. Milis has also held courses at our place.

Johanna Björklund – Senior Lecture at Örebro University, in charge of the Meal Ecology Programme. Leading Scientist in sustainable food and climate.

Johanna is helping us to develop our farm in terms of agriculture, sustainable food and animal keeping. Since 2016, she is also our mentor when it comes to develop courses, and she is using our place for educational use.

Lodyn – a network for ecological psychology, awakening and activism. They work to heal and deepen human relationship with nature.

Lodyn held a course in The rights for Nature with Polly Higgins as a guest speaker in 2014. Three of the five sessions of the one-year educational programme in ecological psychology will be held at our place with start in the fall of 2016.

Norrshaman, Jörgen I Eriksson – writer, blogger and gives courses in Nordic Shamanism.

Jörgen is a rune magician and to our delight he has held several courses at our place throughout the years. His popular courses in Magical Runes and Holy Places are always fully booked.

Sinnenas gård, Ewa-Lis Hörne Messelth – botanical garden that provides educational knowledge of herbs, culture plants and the use of plants for medicine.

Ewa-Lis is helping us to establish and decorate our farm with medicinal herbs and culture plants and also provides us with the knowledge of how to use and maintain it.

Gunilla Åkerberg – leads retreat for women and women circles.

Gunilla is continuosloy coming back to use our place for her Women retreats.

Sources of Inspiration

Colin Campbell – practitioner of traditional African Medicine.
Common Cause Foundation – an NPO that works to place values that lead people to express concern for community, environment and equality at the heart of our cultural, political and civic institutions.
Cormac Cullinan – is a practising environmental attorney and author based in Cape Town, South Africa.
Eckhart Tolle –  spiritual teacher and author.
Gaia Foundation – works to regenerating cultural and biological diversity to improve traditional understanding and methods regarding land – seeds- food and water sovereignty. Since this will strengthen self-governance of local communities and restoring a respectful relationship with the Earth.
Global alliance for the rights of nature – a worldwide movement creating human communities that respects and defends the right of nature.
Polly Higgins – an international lawyer, UK based barrister and author.  She is advocating for a law of Ecocide.
Schumacher College – has been giving transformative courses for sustainable living for 25 years.
Thomas Berry – Priest, Eco-theologian, Earth scholar, Author and Teacher.