Discover your inner peace

– Three days with animals and plants at the farm

Time:         Thursday July 5, 19.00 – Sunday July, 11.00
Place:        Hemma hos Martha & Anders
Fee:          3500 SEK
Coaches:      Anders Tivell & Martha Thernsjö
Registration: Before June 5 to,                                        +46762090945.

Do you want to come in contact with your inner peace? Are you longing for the simple and the genuine? What if it is easier than you believe. Let us try for real. Together. With ourselves and with the animals and everything else that grow on the farm.

On our small organic farm in the middle of Tiveden, we live together with our mountain cows, sheep and lambs, hens and chickens and the two cats Tiger and Panter.

The cultivations are divided between a kitchen garden, herbal garden, forest garden and a rather large green house.

The farm is surounded by grazing areas, deep forests and on walking distance you will find the crystal clear lake Unden.

A day on the farm
We will start in the morning with yoga or qigong, before breakfast, you will take part in the work with the animals and the plants on the farm.

There will be several opportunities to paint, draw or write if you prefer that, but most of all we invite you to just relax and be with what there is on the farm. We will sit in the green house, on the grazing fields with the sheep or in the forest garden, socializing with the hens and chickens or maybe just watching the bees and the butterflies in the herbal garden.

Together we will cook our meals with ingredients that we harvest in the green house or in the kitchen garden.

We will do silent walks through the forest to the lake where you can swim in the clearest of waters.

Welcome to stay with us to find peace, quiet and balance in your life.

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