Inspirational day for sustainable living

Welcome to join us for a day where we meet and share and exchange knowledge on how to live sustainable in harmony with Nature. We share our experience on how to talk about change to actually create and achieve change.

The day will consist of different elements such as how to build sustainable houses, cultivation for self sufficience, food, animals and forestry as well as our relation with all living beings on Earth. It will be a mixture of dialogue, practical ideas and simple exercises which provide us with knowledge on how we can reconnect to all living beings that surround us, on the farm – the food, animals, and the forest.

For whom?
Individuals or groups in organisations or network that wants to get inspired to find new solutions on how to live and work in a sustainable manner, i.e. transition groups, environmental- and civil rights organisations.

Price: Ask for a quotation.
Min amount: 5 participants
Max amount: 12 participants