5 kilometers to Tiveden national park

Our farm is just a bike ride away from the Tiveden national park, where you will experience fantastic hiking, beaches and swimming opportunities. Via the bike trail, Lilla Kungsleden you will enter the national park through the “back door” and on the way you will pass the first bufferzone around a national park in Sweden. Here there will be no clear fellings, as a result from years of meetings and discussions between the locals and Sveaskog, the Swedish state forest company, that owns most of the forests in Tiveden.

At Vitsand you will have access to hiking trails to Stenkälla, Junker Jägares Sten, Vitsandsgrottorna, Tärnekullen to mention a few. Look here for more information about the Tiveden National park, what more there is to see and do.

After another 5 km you will reach Tivedstorp, an old village located in a glade in the middle of the forest. There is a café where they serve lunch and coffe.