We strongly believe in collaboration in everything we do. It would not be poss-ible to make our visions real without collaboration with the place and the people that live in Tiveden.

Tiveden is a very active community with a strong sense of togetherness. The people that live here are used to find solutions to any problem or challenge. We have a very strong local democracy.

We have initiated an activity to esta-blish a buffer zone around the Tiveden National park. Now, Sveaskog (the Swedish state forest corporation) has accepted to put aside 2000 hectares, where they to-gether with the community will develop ways of to conduct forestry in a clear felling free manner. This will create forests that are visitor friendly and at the same time it will strengthen biodiversity.

We are also deeply engaged in the com-munity’s mobilization and work to save the crystal clear lake Unden from the threat of a cobolt mine, that could poison and destroy the water. We are con-ducting a series of meetings and initia-tives to keep the fire going and in No-vember 2017 people around the lake lit 35 fires as a starting point of our fight for the lake.

This is the local environment we work and live in and it is here we want to con-tribute to a better society with our farm as a meeting place. In collaboration with everyone that lives in our community.