Our philosophy

Everything is connected. Everything is part of everything else. Plants, animals, the air and the water that surround me are as much part of me as my own arms and my own legs. Everything has a right to exist and live satisfactory lives just as I myself want to live a good life. The role of human beings are to be part of and co-creator in everything and not masters with a right to eliminate life and other species.

This understanding is the basic philosophy, or cosmovision, for indigenous people around the world. It is also becoming increasingly supported by modern science; by qauntum physics, system ecology and earth systems science, such as the Gaia theory.

This thinking has been guiding us in our own, soon 10 year long search for solutions on how to live in a sustainable way and in harmony with all life on the farm. With the animals, cultivations, the forest and in collaboration with other people in the community.